Sooooo I am bit late on blogging but I some examples of what can/ has been made with garden.

The first thing I enjoyed was the spring crop of salad greens we had. We got a spicy spicy mix from High Mowing Seed Company, and spicy it was. A fair amount of mustardy, bitter, and zesty greens were in there. But using some sweet mustard/balsamic dressing and strawberries sweetened them up to make a delicious salad:

spicy mustard greens salad, sweetened up with strawberries

Next, harvested in late August, came the Holy Mole peppers! A new seed strain, these are pretty mild, and not actually used traditionally to make mole ( yum yum) but they can be!

I am leaving the peppers outside right now, trying to ripen them a little bit more. I picked them when they were green/ brown, but I think a little bit more brown would be good

Southern Grits with Holy Mole peppers and cheddar

In order to enjoy the fruits of our labor sooner I fried up some chopped peppers with a lot of sea salt and some olive oil. Then I added these spicy treasures to traditional southern grits with some cheddar. Now that’s a good breakfast.

Next up….MOLE! I’ll be tuning you in with a simple recipe I found later.