In my last post I promised I’d put up pictures of the completed raised beds built for use this semester in the Sustainable Food Systems Ex-College class. Well between that moment and right now- we’ve also received a truck-full of soil from Cambridge Bark and Loam, built a hoop house (that I hope Alex and Carolyn will write more about), cleaned up the garden a little, and planted some yumyums.

The Sustainable Food Systems Class’ raised beds, constructed Saturday, September 17th and filled with soil Thursday, September 22nd:

3 of the 4 finished raised beds built with stacked 2x4s and Ikea bed slats

The next Monday (when the class is held), they planted some seeds, labeling the frame as they went.

Sustainable Food Systems Class bed- identifying their plants (French Breakfast Radishes here) by writing on the frame itself

The next time I took my camera to the garden, they had sprouted!

Sustainable Food Systems Class's raised beds with sprouts in the foreground, hoop house frame in the back

Also in that time Alex and Carolyn led the construction of a hoop house:

Sketchy night photo of the (almost) completed hoop house!

Radishes, collards, and something seeded in-between (someone help me out here) in the hoop house bed!

And when we got the soil to move into the beds we also cut the grass around the garden to use it as mulch and transplanted some radishes:

Either the beets or the radishes (I don't remember which) in bed with a melon plant

And we applauded our peas:

Yeah, we're trying to grow peas in the fall. It's working. We're winning.

But we still have more soil, more wood for another raised bed, and even a couple existing open spots in beds if someone wants to plant something!

We've got an open small bed. What should we plant?

What’s coming up?

-Planting herbs in recycled containers for winter growing skill share on Wednesday, Oct 5 at the Farmers’ Market 11:30 – 1:30, lower Campus Center patio. If you wanna help out, just show up! Bring some recycled containers if you can!

-Liam’s lookin to make some cider. Let him know (  if you find any solid wood (2×4’s or bigger) that we can fashion a simple press out of- or if you just wanna help out! Might be scroungin for apples tomorrow, Oct 2!

-We need to put up some shelves and hook in the shed so things are organized! Again- if you find any wood scraps, shelf braces, or hooks, let me know (! We’ll probably try to install at least a couple of shelves on Columbus Day.

-People are on watering schedule. If you want to help out with that, contact Or just contact her because she’s super cool and you should probably want to meet her.

-If you do anything or even just check in on the garden, write it in the log! It’s a testament to all the work we put into this little patch! We’re going to try to scan some of the pages to put up on the blog soon!