Sunday morning was beautiful, crisp and sunny: perfect weather for fixing the fence.

The first part of the fence had been fixed earlier in the semester and stood up wonderfully against the wind, rain, and our first snow. Inspired by our success, we finished the fence on Sunday. First, we dug holes for poles and buried the base as solidly as we could, then we took our roll of slatted fencing and attached them to the poles, tying them with twine to enforce them.

Our garden now has a clear perimeter, making all the beds easily accessible by comfortably wide paths, which will make work in the spring much easier. The fence itself looks amazing! It now stands tall and will not fall over easily. We also decided that the garden only needs to have one gate, which is located by the shed.

We also opened up the hoop house to let in a little sunlight, and were amazed to find that the temperature inside the house was close to 100 degrees! The radishes looked great and some were definitely ready to be harvested.

The composting bins were fixed so that hopefully, we’ll no longer find any nasty small animal surprises in there. It is important to note┬áthat the lids need to be twisted before they can be removed from the bin, and if they are not coming off, they should not be yanked on because that will cause the middle layer of the bin to pop off the bottom part. We also checked on the winter rye, which has begun to sprout in one of the beds.

We talked about possibly working towards getting a real fence, because as wonderful as this new fence is, it is still temporary. One idea was to apply to TCU for a grant to fund the construction a permanent fence.

All in all, it was a fantastic day in the garden. We accomplished exactly what we set out to do, and we now have an amazing fence that makes our garden look more organized and lovely.