Month: December 2011

Garden Potluck

It has been a great semester for Tom Thumb’s Garden, and I am really proud to be a part of it. We have expanded the garden tremendously (and thank you for all the help from the Sustainable Food Systems class), measured each bed, and have tucked it away for the winter. We’ve even got our first hoop house! Over the course of the winter and into the spring, we shall keep an eye on all that is growing beneath the flaps of our fine, little hoop house. Updates to come!

We’ve recently received a supply of seeds from Heritage, so that’s something to look forward to once the ground thaws. In the meantime, we will take a break from Tufts, maybe stop at some winter farmers’ markets, and make meals with loved ones. Like this evening: the members of Tom Thumb all got together for a garden pot luck! We had lots of delicious food, and I was reminded that I have met so many kind people through getting involved. They are a group of hard-working and committed people, who are really quite generous and silly! I am honored to play in the dirt beside them.

Until then, happy holidays from Tom Thumb’s Garden!

A list… of what?

-Nebraska Wedding
-Red Swan
-Sultan Green Crescent
-Detroit Dark Red
-Tom Thumb
-Red Burgundy
-King of the North
We bought seeds- that’s what it means. SeedSavers was having a 50% off sale… So we jumped at the opportunity to save money and buy for the future.
Arugula, beets, beans, peas, eggplants, basil, peppers and tomato seeds to arrive at my house this week!