Month: May 2012

And then there were herbs!


What started a month ago as mere seedlings in the Barnum Hall Greenhouse, now exist in front of Tisch Library as herbs!


Thanks to the kind offer of Tufts Facilities and an agreement with Dining Services, Tom Thumb’s Student Garden has been charged with maintaining the two beds immediately outside of the library. In these beds, the plan is to grow herbs that can be used in the dining halls over the summer. Obviously the needs of a full-scale dining program are beyond our scope at the moment, but we hope to at least be supplemental!


In our first planting day, we planted Purple Opal and Sweet basil and thyme starts and a small tomato plant, as well as parsley and cilantro seeds. We have run into the unique problem in that we have more room than we have seedlings and seeds!!! Prof. George Ellmore helped us out a little by planting a couple curry plants, but we still have a ton of room to work with! It is exciting, and daunting at the same time. The search for attractive plants continues!

Informational signage to come shortly! (We want everyone passing to know who we are and what we intend to do!…and maybe ward off excessive nibblers…)

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since we last posted, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working!
Here are some updates:

We’re finished with our semester now so we’re transitioning to our summer care team. If you’d like to be a part of it, email

We began planting an herb garden in the beds in front of Tisch Library. We’re still looking for more herbs to plant, so if you have any ideas, let us know!

We transplanted the plants from the greenhouse into the garden! Our beds are filling up, but we still have a few empty ones ready for the planting whims of a gardener!

I’ve had a water barrel sitting in my backyard for like a year now and we finally set it up by the corner of the shed closest to the garden.

Professor Ellmore will be bringing his summer session class down to the garden to show them plants in mid-growth. In return for letting him do this, he said he’d tend to our garden a little himself!

To take this fall:
EXP-0026-F: Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
1.0 credit, Letter-graded
Monday, 6:30-9:00
Caitlin Hachmyer

And some things we need to do:
-Repair some beds
-Fix up the fence where it’s threatening to fall
-Make legit educational signs
-Plant more things!
-Build a spiral herb garden!

Also- Some groups to check out:

Higher Education Farm Network and New England Students Cultivating Campuses

And a couple blogs to watch:

Food and Community and History at the Table by Tufts Professor Cathy Stanton