Greetings from the Newest of the Mexicos. I just got home from a wonderful weekend of film, food and free beer in Telluride, CO. My friend and I were volunteering at MountainFilm in exchange for passes. We met Alex Honnold (OMG!!!, ask Carolyn), Tom Shadyac (Director of Ace Ventura), M SanJayan (Lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy) ANNNND, Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, the guys who made King Corn! They are in the process of doing a bunch of super cool new things such as Truck Farming ( and Food Corps ( The whole weekend was zero waste, meaning that at every MountainFilm sponsored event, there were compost bins, recycling bins and a small trash can. In addition, they did not provide plates, cups or silverware, you had to bring your own!

The theme of the weekend was “Awareness into Action” and it really got me thinking about the environmental cost of my lifestyle and the cost my outdoor sports habit and how I can help to change the system. There was a man by the name of Tim DeChristopher who gave a great talk about how he threw a federal mineral right auction in order to save the land. He is going to jail for seven years for it and couldn’t be happier. He said that before the auction he rode his bike, bought organic food, the whole shebang, but felt like he was never doing enough. Now, he says that his life has purpose. I’m not recommending that we commit any felonies, but it does make you think about what is in the realm of possibilities.

Check out the website to see the entire list of films. I recommend If a Tree Falls, Towers of the Ennedi, Coal, and Cold.


Mad Dawg