Turn Points

Turn Points are an abstract in-game representation of time passing. Some actions cost TP, some cost $ (dollars), some cost PC (Political Capital), and some cost a combination of the three.


Player Actions : Costs : Profits

Logging : -TP, -$ : +$

Surveying : -TP : +$

Building/Developing : -TP, -$ : +$ (once people move in)

Planting Trees : -TP : +PC (e)

Commissioning Anything : -$ : (ability to modify land)


Actions that progress in Game Time but are outside of the player’s control:

people moving into and out of houses

trees growing

animals reproducing or dying or moving habitats between tiles

zoning laws changing

players losing money over upkeep (of companies and assets)


More About Political Capital

PC can be pro-environment (e) or pro-humanity (h). Players can spend PC to make the government change laws in their favor, but PC are more efficient if they are aligned to the goal. For example, if you want to preserve an area of land for an endangered species, it will cost 4 PC (e) but 8 PC (h).

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