Finance Training

The Finance division is comprised of the following departments: Office of the Vice President, Purchasing/Property, Sponsored Programs Accounting, Accounts Payable, Treasury, Finance & Planning, General Accounting, Financial Information Systems, Disbursements Compliance and Risk Management. We offer courses regarding policies, procedures, forms, regulations and systems that are both instructor-led and in the form of web-based tutorial. Scroll down to view a complete list of finance courses. Our web-based tutorials require audio capability and can be launched from the Finance page of The Learning Center. Instructor led classes are shown on the Training Schedule calendar to the right. To enroll, you will need to visit the Finance Classroom Calendar page of The Learning Center. Should you have any questions, please send an email to Carol Liedes. For your convenience, below are documents that may assist in how to do business at Tufts. We hope they provide you with the necessary information, but should you require assistance, contact Carol at extension 75190.


View the Finance website for a staff directory, as well as a complete listing of forms, policies and procedures.

Course Catalog and Descriptions

Course Descriptions: Instructor-Led Classes

Forms, Policies and Procedures: This course is designed for new employees with administrative financial responsibilities, or those currently at Tufts who need a ‘refresher’. Content includes all of the accounting forms used for internal and external procurement and the associated policies and procedures set by Tufts. Some federal regulations pertaining to the forms are covered. Areas of discussion will include interdepartmental requisitions, travel and business expense, hiring and paying consultants, requisitions and purchase orders and foreign tax/alien payment issues.

PeopleSoft Reports: The Basics: Specifically designed for those new to Tufts or new to a position with financial reporting responsibility, this course reviews the six basic PeopleSoft financial reports generated including financial summary, transaction detail, open commitment, labor, YTD transition detail and comparative financial summary. Specific fields and drill down capability will be covered.

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