SIS Project

Tufts University (Tufts) is in the midst of replacing its current, mainframe-based Student Information System (SIS). Over a two year period, from June 2011 through the fall of 2013, the SIS Project team will design and implement iSIS, using PeopleSoft Campus Solutions as its technology core.

iSIS Training

iSIS training will foster practical experience in the skills necessary to use the new Integrated Student Information System (iSIS) and will be coordinated with local student services staff, at all Tufts schools, on all three campuses. In addition to teaching PeopleSoft navigation and keystrokes, the training will incorporate any new business processes.

Classroom Training:

Classroom training allows you to practice using iSIS in a live environment with hands-on instruction from a skilled trainer. We are offering classroom training on all three campuses.For more information about specific sessions, or to register for classroom training, visit the UIT Training & Documentation Website at:

Remote Training:

Classroom trainings on the Medford Campus will also be available remotely. For information about remote training, please contact David Bragg.

Online Training:

As each functional area is rolled out, online tutorials will be made available. These tutorials have three modes: See It!, Try It!, and Print It!.


See It!
Users learn by watching a view-only demonstration of tasks performed.


Try It!
Use this mode to interactively walk through the process. Try It! will prompt you to perform specific tasks and provide instructions along the way.


Print It!
Generate a printed copy of the steps to complete the process.


Click here to view and use our online tutorials.