Sunday, 24 of September of 2017

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NERCOMP Workshop

Mike Korcynski and Steve McDonald are giving a NERCOMP workshop this summer that focuses on tools and technologies to develop better web applications.   We’re asking for the help of Tufts’ IT community!  Is there a technology that we’re presenting that you’re interested in?  You could review our presentation and provide some feedback.  Is there a technology you’re experienced in?  We could use your help to create the presentation.  What tools and technologies do you find important but not yet broadly used?  Let us know what you think.  Here’s the description of the workshop we wrote for NERCOMP:

This workshop will focus on tools and technologies to develop better web applications. It will combine presentations, attendee demonstrations and breakout/development sessions. This workshop is for technical staff that build, support or maintain web-centric solutions. While many general concepts will be discussed, most specific solutions will be oriented towards Java based development.  Attendees will also be invited to deliver presentations.  This presentations may review successful technologies and solutions or seek suggestions to address persistent problems. The list of technologies and techniques the organizers will present include:

  • Rapid application development with Spring Roo
  • Injecting test data with DBUnit
  • Automating end to end testing via Selenium 2.0
  • Measuring test coverage using Emma
  • Writing client-side code with JQuery
  • Improving web site performance with Firebug and PageSpeed
  • Providing excellent search results with Solr/Lucene

After each topic has been presented, students can complete a hands-on exercise.  This exercise will emphasize developing code with new technology.  Alternatively, students may join a discussion group with an organizer to explore how the technology might impact their institution’s specific needs.

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