Trunk is Tufts University’s open-source, learning management system that offers faculty and students a collaborative online environment to support teaching and learning.

For immediate assistance with Trunk or any other technology issue, contact Tufts Technology Services:

TTS Help Desk – 617-627-3376

TTS E-Mail – it@tufts.edu

TTS Web Site: https://it.tufts.edu/

Request Technology Help Through TechConnect: https://tufts.service-now.com/tsd/login.do

There are 3 Types of Trunk Sites:

My Workspace:

After login, you are directed to My Workspace. My Workspace is your personal worksite, where you can store documents and view Announcements, Calendar, and Messages aggregated from all your course and project sites.

Course Sites:

All Trunk Course sites are automatically created each semester from information provided by the Student Information System (SIS).  If a Tufts course is listed in SIS, a Trunk Course site is automatically created for that course.   The Tufts account of the instructor who is listed in SIS as instructor of record for that course is automatically added to the course site and given Instructor access.  The accounts of students who are registered for that course are added to the course site with Student access.

By default, all course sites are unpublished. Unpublished sites cannot be seen by students but can be seen by instructors. Once the instructor publishes a course, students enrolled in the course will automatically have access to the course site.

To publish your course site:

1. Go to your course site.
2. From the Tools Menu, click Site Editor. The Site Editor opens.
3. On the Site Editor menu bar, click Manage Access
4. Check the Publish site box.
5. Click Update. Your site is published.

Project Sites:

Anyone with Tufts credentials can create a project site. Project sites can be used for many different types of collaboration. A project site can be joined by others or organizers can add accounts to the site.

FAQ for Instructors and TAs

FAQ for Students