Tufts to pursue University-wide LMS strategy

UIT has been charged with facilitating a strategic planning project to recommend a new learning management system (LMS) for Tufts Univeristy that would support teaching, learning, and collaboration across Tufts diverse schools, programs, and communities.   Blackboard Basic which has been used on the Tufts Medford campus for the past 12 years is no longer a viable option.

The primary goals of the project are for the team to lead a highly participatory process:

  1. To define selection criteria based on the university’s goals and the requirements of faculty, students and administrators.
  2. To evaluate leading LMS platforms to determine which best meets Tufts criteria.
  3. To articulate a robust, coordinated support model to ensure an effective migration process, as well as excellent continuing outreach, education and service for faculty and other community members who will use the LMS to enrich their teaching, learning, and research at Tufts.
  4. To recommend a comprehensive next-generation LMS strategy for Tufts University.

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