How do I view TurnItIn reports?

Depending on the length of the paper, Trunitin will produce an Originality Report 10 to 20 minutes after the student has submitted the file to the Assignments tool.

  • Instructors can access this Originality Report by clicking on Assignments / View Submissions
  • Click on the Turnitin Originality report icon located to the right of the student’s name


  • Click on “Grade” under the student’s name. Then click on “View Report” under Turnitin Report

*If the Instructor allows students to view their Turnitin Originality Report, students go to the Assignments tool and click on the assignment link, then click on “View Report” under Turnitin Report

*Turnitin will only generate one Originality report for each student submission. If the instructor allows either the whole class or an individual student to “Re-Submit” the assignment, the second submitted assignment will not produce an originality Report.


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