How do I create an event/meeting using the Sign-up tool?

To add an event or meeting to your course or project site:

  1. Navigate to the course or project site
  2. From the tools menu, click Sign-upTrunk displays the homepage for the Sign-up tool.
  3. In the Sign-up menu bar, click Add.
  4. In the Title field, name your event/meeting.
  5. In the Location field, enter the location for your event/meeting.
  6. In the Description field, you can enter any details you wish to share about your event/meeting.
  7. In the Start Time and End Time fields, enter the time of your event/meeting. 
  8. Use the drop down menu to select the Meeting Frequency if you wish to have a recurring meeting.  Selection of a meeting frequency other than “Once Only” will create a series of entries in the meetings table with the same name but different details, where any of the individual entries can be modified as necessary.
  9. In the Sign-up begins and Sign-up ends fields, enter the point at which the event/meeting will be opened for sign-up and the point at which sign-up for the event/meeting will no longer be available.
  10. Use the Available to field to determine who can sign-up for the event/meeting.  You can limit sign-up to members of a group, site or extend the sign-up offer to the membership of your other course or project sites.  If you choose to extend the sign-up offer to multiple sites, each site must also have the Sign-up tool turned on in order for its members to participate.
  11. When you select the Meeting Type relevant options will be displayed.
  12. Click Next to view a summary of your event/meeting, verify details, and complete the meeting settings.
  13. Check the appropriate boxes to manage the display of participant names, email notifications and announcing availability.
  14. Click Show other default settings to manage advanced settings regarding the wait list, participant comments and auto reminders.
  15. Click Publish to publish the event/meeting allowing participants to select their own time slot, or Click Assign Participants & Publish to assign participants to specific time slots.




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