How do I create or upload a syllabus?

As an instructor, the Syllabus tool allows you to create and display an outline of your course. You may want to use this tool to post course information so registered students know exactly where to find critical documents, and/or you may want to make a syllabus public so potential students can preview class requirements before registering.

Upload a Syllabus

View Video | Download full PDF on Syllabus tool

To add a syllabus to your course site:

  1. Navigate to the course site.
  2. From the Course Tools menu, click Syllabus. Trunk displays the home page for syllabus.
  3. Syllabus

  4. If you do not see the Syllabus menu bar, click Reset.
  5. Reset

  6. On the Syllabus menu bar, click Create/Edit.
  7. Create/Edit

  8. On the menu bar, click Add.
  9. Add

  10. In the Title field, name your syllabus. (Type Course Name)
  11. The Title field is required and must be filled out.

  12. In the Content field, rich text editor, syllabus information will be entered.
  13. Use the various content editing tools to set up and enhance your syllabus.

    Post a complete syllabus or build it in separate units.

    Be warned that there is a 60 minute system timeout. If you take longer than 60 minutes to add the syllabus, your data will be lost. If your syllabus already exists in a Word document, use the Paste from Word tool……. to preserve your Word layout.
    Paste from Word

  14. After syllabus content is added, select a View option.

  15. You can choose to limit viewing of the item to site members only or choose to allow anyone who can access Trunk to view the syllabus by searching for the course site.

  16. Instructors may elect to add a Word or PDF version of the syllabus for students to download.
  17. Optionally, you can choose to send an email to site participants when changes are made to the syllabus.The High option sends an email notification even if students have opted out of notifications.
  18. If you wish to view your syllabus item prior to posting, click Preview.
  19. When you have finished previewing the syllabus, at the base of the screen, click Edit.
  20. Make any adjustments as needed.
  21. If your syllabus is in final form and is ready to be displayed to students, click Post. The syllabus is posted.
  22. This is not what students will see.

  23. On the Syllabus menu bar, click Reset.
  24. You can always edit your syllabus by clicking the Create/Edit tool.

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