How do I send messages?

Tool Overview

The Messages tool in Trunk is a simple way of communicating with students or other members of your site.The Messages tool enables you to:

  • Send messages inside Trunk to individual site members or groups of site members.
  • Receive messages from your site members.
  • Send a copy of a message to a recipient’s email address outside Trunk.
  • Store, organize and manage communications you’ve sent and received.

Compose a Message

View Video | Download full PDF on Trunk Messages tool

To compose a message using the Messages tool:

  1. Navigate to the course site. The course tools display in the left Course Tools menu area.
  2. From the Course Tools menu, click Messages. The CLE displays the home page for the Messages tool. If you do not see the Messages menu bar, click the Reset button.
  3. Click Compose Message. The Compose a Message screen opens.
  4. Using your cursor, select message recipients by clicking on their role or name from the To menu. To select multiple recipients, hold down the shift key and click additional recipients.
  5. By default, messages are sent and received inside Trunk, and users view and manage these messages from the Messages tool. However, when you compose a message, you may choose to send a copy of that message to a student’s email address as well. To send a copy of your message to a student’s email account, check the box next to the:
    • Send a copy of this message to recipients’ email address(es) option.
    • The email address used will be the email on file with the university unless the user is not registered at Tufts.
  6. You may then select a priority level for your message by using the pull down menu. The options are Normal, Low and High. (what do these look like?)
  7. In the subject field, type a subject for your message.
  8. In the content field (rich text editor) compose your message. You may use the various content editing options to enhance the appearance of your message.
  9. Optional: Attachments. To add attachments, click Add Attachment and follow the instructions.
    • Your options here include browsing to locate a document on your computer, typing in a url for a website, or selecting a file stored in the Resources tool of your site.
  10. When you are satisfied with your message details, click Send.

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