How do I submit an assignment?

To submit an assignment for your course, go to the Assignments tool.  You may see a single assignment or multiple assignments listed. Click on the assignment you need to take. A screen will appear that reads In Progress. Depending upon whether your instructor has allowed you to submit inline responses (typed into the rich content editor box) and/or attachments, you will see options for one or both. You may use the inline box to type a message or a full response.

If you need to include an attachment, scroll to the bottom of your screen, click Browse, locate the file. When you see it appear in the upload field to the left of the Browse button, choose Submit, Preview or Save Draft. Submit will submit your assignment to your instructor. Preview will enable you to see what it looks like before submitting. And Save Draft will save a draft for you to continue working on before finally submitting. Note: You may upload up to 5 attachments in the Trunk Assignments tool.

Once you submit your assignment, you should see a confirmation screen. You should also receive a confirmation email. If your instructor has allowed resubmissions, you will be able to go back in and resubmit an assignment once the instructor has evaluated it.

Note: Once an assignment due date is past, unless your instructor has allowed late submissions, you will no longer be able to submit the assignment in Trunk.

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Assignment Submission Confirmation

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