I am receiving too many email notifications from Trunk, how can I change this?

The Preferences tool in My Workspace allows you to specify how you receive notifications sent in Trunk.  You can specify options for notifications sent from the Announcements, Resources, Syllabus and Email Archive tools.  Options include receiving each notification separately, receiving a single email with all notifications bundled once a day, or not receiving any notifications that are labeled Low Priority by your instructor.

Notifications that are labeled high priority will override your preferences and be delivered to your email inbox.  From My Workspace, you can change your preferences by clicking on the preferences tool, and selecting the notifications tab, and choosing the desired notification option for each tool.

Note: these preferences are applied to all sites in Trunk; it is not possible at this time to specify a different set of preferences on a site by site basis.

Fig 1 – Screen shot showing the location of the "Preferences" link. (click to enlarge image)

Fig 2 – Screen shot showing the location of the "Notifications" tab. (click to enlarge image)

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