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Blackboard Trunk Tool
Blackboard Content

Course Documents

Course Information

Assignments (area)

External Links (area)

Resources Tool – All folders files and links are stored in the Trunk Resources Tool

Lessons Tool – Content (files and links) can be created, stored and sequentially displayed as modules in the Lessons Tool

Syllabus Tool – Instructors can create, link and display their course syllabus in the Syllabus Tool. The course syllabus can be published on the site and/or to the public

Web Content Tool – Instructors can create Content Menu links to other web sites.

Announcements Announcements Tool – Similar to an online bulletin board, the Announcements Tool allows instructors to keep participants apprised of upcoming activities and events.
Calendar Calendar Tool – This tool allows instructors to schedule and keep track of upcoming activities and deadlines and display that information to students in an electronic calendar.
Chat Chat Tool – The Chat tool allows instructors and students to hold unstructured online conversations by exchanging text messages in
real time.
Discussion Board Forums Tool – The Forums tool allows students to hold structured conversations that are organized into categories and topics.
E-Mail Messages Tool – Instructors and students use the Messages tool to send private messages to each other and to groups in a site through internal course mail or external e-mail.

Mailtool – The Mailtool allows instructors and students to send email from a site to anyone, whether or not the recipients are course site members.

E-Mail Archive – The Email Archive tool enables site participants to send e-mails to all participants on a site using a listserv-type address generated automatically by Trunk. These e-mails are stored on the site.

Assignments (tool, not area)

Digital Drop Box

Assignments Tool – The Assignments tool enables instructors to create, post, collect, grade, and return online assignments.
Grade Center Gradebook2 – The Gradebook2 tool allows instructors to calculate, store, and distribute

grade information to students online.

Test Manager

Survey Manager

Pool Manager

Tests & Quizes Tool – Instructors use the Tests & Quizzes tool to create online
assessments, such as tests and quizzes, for delivery to students through a
Web interface
Enroll User

List Modify User

Remove User


Site Editor / Add Participants – Instructors can manually add participants to their site and assign them a particular role using the Add Participants Tool.

Site Editor / Edit Class

Rosters – Here instructors can see the names and roles for each official
student enrolled in the course site.

Site Editor – Instructors can see
the names and roles of each site participant and remove (
or de-activiate) any account listed on the

Manage Groups Site Editor / Manage Groups – Instructors can use the Manage Groups to create site groups and populate those groups with user accounts. The output of various Trunk tools may then be assigned to a particular group.

Sections Tool – Instructors can create discussion, lab or recitation sections and populate those sections with user accounts. The output of various Trunk tools may then be assigned to a particular section.

Manage Course Menu Site Editor / Edit Tools – Instructors can add or remove tools to and from the left Tool Menu using this tool.
Course Copy Site Editor / Import From Site – Instructors can merge or replace all the content from one site to another site.

Resources Tool – Instructors can copy or move content from one site to another site.

Course Statistics Site Statistics – The Site Statistics tool allows instructors to display user statistics organized in both tables and graphs
Staff Information

Faculty Information

Student Homepage

Profile2 Tool – The Profile2 tool provides basic contact and academic information, image upload and a Facebook-style social networking functionality.

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