Where do I receive messages sent by my instructor? On my Trunk inbox or on my Tufts account or both?

There are several ways in which your instructor may communicate with you through Trunk. Your instructor may choose to use email notification to notify you that they have added a new announcement, calendar event, resource item, etc to the site. These notifications will come to your Tufts email address or the address used to create your account in Trunk, if you do not have a Tufts username and password.

In addition to the email notification function, instructors may choose to use the Messages tool to send information in Trunk. If your instructor is using the Messages tool and does not check cc email, then you will only receive these messages inside Trunk and you must check the Trunk home page or the Message tool to read these. Alternatively, you can choose to have information sent from the Messages tool to an email of your choice. To do this, click Settings and select the Yes option next to Auto-forwarding. Then add your email address and click Save Settings.

Setting up Auto-forwarding in the Messages tool

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