Migration Options

Option 1 – Build your Trunk course site from scratch

Moving to Trunk provides an opportunity to review and clean up course content. As you build your course site in Trunk, take the time to get rid of outdated course materials, add fresh content, or re-organize existing content. Trunk also offers new capabilities that are worth exploring and using in your new Trunk course site.

If you have copies of the files that you used on Blackboard or Angel, uploading them to Trunk directly, may be your best option.

Get started:

Option 2: Copy content from one Trunk site to another one:

    1. Go to the NEW course site.
    2. Click Site Editor / Import from Site.
    3. Click I Would Like To Replace My Data or I Would like to Merge My Data (read the description of each action).
    4. Select the course site from which you would like to Replace or Merge your content.
    5. Click Continue.
    6. Select the content you would like to Replace or Merge into the new course site.
    7. Click Finish. The selected content from the old site should now Replace or Merge with the new course site.

Note: You must have either Instructor, TA or Course Builder access to both course sites to copy content from one course site to another course site.