Entry Form

Please fill out the entry form that is available here and submit it along with your entry following the instructions listed below.  An entry can only be submitted in one of the 3 categories and has to be in the acceptable format for that category.  However, a contributor may choose to submit additional entries in different categories.

Submitted materials must be copyright compliant and from a Tufts based scholarly work.

If you are planning to submit a software entry, please send an email notification to vis-awards@tufts.edu by January 1 so that we can discuss the application with you.  This is to ensure that the judges can be provided access to the software that you are using in order to review your entry.

2014 Submission Guidelines

1. If your entry is smaller than 50 MB, email both your entry form and material to vis-awards@tufts.edu.

2. If your entry is bigger than 50 MB do the following:

a. email your entry form to vis-awards@tufts.edu

b. use http://www.yousendit.com to submit your materials using vis-awards@tufts.edu as the destination email.

Important Dates

January 1 –   Deadline for software entry notification
February 7 @ 6PM (deadline extended) –  Deadline for submissions
March 31  –  Results Announced
April 17  –  Awards event at the Alumnae Lounge, Medford campus


Contact: vis-awards@tufts.edu