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Rules for Use of Tufts Bikes:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must be a student, staff or faculty member to check out a bike
  • You must ride on pavement
  • We strongly encourage you wear a helmet
  • You must use lights at night
  • You must have signed a waiver (Please read entire waiver here:http://bit.ly/kwPSri)

Check Out Procedure:

1. Check the Tisch Library website at this link http://bit.ly/gSHBBe for how many bikes are available.

2. Go to library circulation desk and ask for a bike.

3. Read and sign a waiver.

4. Library worker will give you a bike key, helmet (if you want). Helmets are optional but strongly encouraged.

3. Go to the assigned bike rack. Bikes 1-16 are on the library patio, bikes 17-30 are on the Campus Center patio.

4. Complete pre-ride bike check (see below). If any damage to bike, return to library and fill out damage report form.

4. Unlock bike and ride wherever you want for up to 8 hours (if the library closes during your 8 hours you have one hour after the library opens in the morning to return the bike).

5. Lock up bike in rack space that corresponds to the bike number.

6. Return key to library. Do not put the key in the book drop box.

Pre-Ride Bike Check:

1.     Are your tires pumped up? If they seem soft, pump them up using the pump chained to the shelter.
2.     Do the brakes work? (bikes #1-20 have a back pedal back break)
3.     Check wheels for damaged or broken spokes
4.     Does the seat height fit? If not then adjust it
5.     Do the wheels spin freely?
6.     Riding at night? Be sure to turn your lights on
7.     Scan all other components for obvious damages
8.     If necessary fill out damage report at circulation desk
9.     Always lock your bike!  Pass U-lock through a sturdy part of the frame and around an immovable bike rack, signpost, etc.
10.   Return keys inside library (not the book drop)

The Waiver:

Read the waiver here: http://bit.ly/kwPSri Carefully read the waiver before signing it!

Waivers are held on file for one semester.

The Bikes:

Read this document to find out the differences between the two models of Tufts Bikes – http://bit.ly/g4xNtD

The Kona Africabike 3

For every two of these guys sold, Kona donates one to someone in need, so we’ll be helping give 15 people bikes.  There’s some good karma for you right there!

Kona Worldbike

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