Mar 27 2012

One year after Fukushima

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Last year in March, a Tsunami led to the worst nuclear disaster in recent years. As this article shows, there were significant costs associated with the meltdown, with tens of thousands of people still unable to return to their homes today. In light of the wave of anti-nuclear sentiment that has taken hold, Japan is now deciding what its energy future will look like, as 30% of the country’s electricity currently comes from nuclear power.


Nuclear power occupies a unique space in energy generation – on the one hand it is a low-carbon source of energy, and offers promise in the fight against climate change, while on the other hand it has been criticized for its potential to cause catastrophic damage, as well as being very expensive and requiring long-term storage for radioactive waste. What future do you see for nuclear energy? Is it an important part of a transition to low-carbon sources of energy? Is the heyday of energy from the atom already past?

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