Qxhna “Cricket” Titcomb #10

Class of 2015

QXHN·NA (Cheeh-nuh) Noun: Warm blooded female homosapien tracked down in at least seven different continents. Usually fluent in all 79 tribal languages of Ghana, but prefers the language of her native species; the elephant women – because they are all really really ridiculously good looking. Theories have it that Qxhna was genetically engineered by an alien subspecies (to be ridiculously good at ultimate), who named this new creature with their language—a language that lacked all vowels, except for the letter ‘A.’ Witnesses describe Qxhna’s skill on the ultimate field with words like, “domination,” “strength,” and “beautiful silky sexy layouts.” Common phrase: “The Qxhna is sick nasty.” Verb: The act of balancing on a single pinky while doing leg curls the weight of an elephant and throwing deep field hucks, left handed. Common phrase: “I’m gonna go do some Qxhnas, keep 911 on speed dial.” Adj: Drop dead sexy. Common phrase: “Oh, you look so Qxhna today.”

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