Get involved in putting together this event for New England!

When: Tuesday, August 30, 7 to 9 pm

Where: Harvard Epworth Methodist Church, 1555 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge (Harvard Square).

We still need volunteers to:

- Invite politicians to joing the “meet and greet” portion of the Rally
- Crafty folks to make banners, puppets, signs, etc…
- Marshals to accompany the rolling parades from transit stops to the central rally
- People to organize contingents moving to Boston from their communities (these can join the metro-west, metro-north, and metro-south commuter rail lines/boat travelers)
- People to help set up and break down the event on the day of
- Volunteers to orient people at the event
- Out-reachers who can help turn out a huge number of people to this event!
- And more!

Please email Vanessa with any questions: