The City of Medford is seeking an intern to work on a status update of its 2001 Climate Action Plan. Office of Energy & Environment has a full time Director and a part time Energy Efficiency Coordinator. The Office handles all environmental issues, energy and efficiency programs for the City. The 2001 Climate Action Plan sited energy usage statistics and numerical goals for the city to meet by 2010. The intern would be responsible for confirming the sources of the original numbers and determining the 2010 energy usage of the city within the past year. The intern would then produce verbiage, graphs and charts as a report on the 2001 Climate Action Plan. The second stage of this project is to look at projects that were proposed in the Plan to reduce energy usage and develop a brief written report on the state of these projects. Minor office assistance, such as answering the phone and talking to walk-ins is included.

For more information please contact Alicia Hunt at 781-393-2137 or