Are you passionate about helping people explore and use sustainable transportation? Do you like working creatively and in collaboration with others? Would you like to help promote a positive and powerful environmental and public health initiative, and better know your city, hundreds of key players and decision-makers, employers and other citizens of all ages?

Green Streets is looking for a Cambridge Walk/Ride Day Coordinator!

The City-Wide Walk/Ride Day Coordinator develops, oversees, and orchestrates all the Walk/Ride Day involvement, relationships, and activities within the community. The Coordinator is supported by the Green Streets Initiative’s central organization, which provides the coordinator with materials, a website framework, examples, and experienced advisors. The Coordinator organizes the efforts of a network of Walk/Ride Day volunteers who plan Walk/Ride Day activities and communication in their own organizations. Internet, email, and other electronic communication are combined with in-person communication and gatherings. The Coordinator will work with the community’s ongoing environmental, health, safety, and educational programs and help focus programs to address community concerns within the Walk/Ride Day framework.

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