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Date: November 10, 2011

Terracycling now available at Office of Sustainability

Did you know your Skittles wrapper could be reincarnated as a cool boombox instead of hanging out in a landfill for all eternity?

TerraCycle is an organization that collects non-recyclable waste and turns it into new products – from clipboards to urban art flower pots – and Tufts has joined two of TerraCycle’s brigades, the Chip Bag Brigade and the Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade.

Tufts has joined two of TerraCycle’s brigades, the Chip Bag Brigade and the Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade. What does this mean to you?

You can now drop off your empty chip bags or energy bar wrappers lined in foil at the Office of Sustainability and they won’t go into a landfill! TerraCycle will turn that waste into handbags, toys, school supplies, and more.

To learn more about how TerraCycle works, or to buy their products, visit www.terracycle.net. Happy TerraCycling!

*Tisch Library has a TerraCycle brigade as well but the dropoff area is accessible only to staff. We are working on getting a TerraCycle box in Tower Cafe so stay tuned.

Circle the City Project Manager (Boston, MA)

Apply here by Nov 11.

Circle The City (CTC) is an initiative that supports city-wide access to and healthy activities within Boston’s vast parkland and open space. The focus of CTC is to increase park use and equity of access for vulnerable populations and under-served Boston neighborhoods that face historic and structural barriers to park access. CTC is a collaborative initiative of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, LivableStreets Alliance, Boston Park Advocates, and Boston Collaborative for Food and Fitness. Circle The City Activities: A series of three signature day-long events on weekends in the summer (June to September), where residents and visitors can experience a safe, active, car-free linear park festival through a major corridor of the city; On-going safe, healthy and active events and programs in parks and open spaces across the city throughout the summer designed to appeal to different age groups; Workshops, trainings and technical assistance for park and community groups to participate in and bring CTC to their community park and neighborhood; Assessment of and changes to key infrastructure barriers that limit or prevent park access, particularly for the most vulnerable populations in Boston; Youth-led programming in the parks and pocket parks.

Dec 2: TIE Fellowship Information Session

WHERE: Friday, Dec 2, 12-1PM in Crane Room, Paige Hall

All Tufts graduate students are welcome to learn about opportunities for interdisciplinary environmental research fellowships with TIE.

Pizza will be served!

For more information, see poster.

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