Program Name: Commercial Waste Reduction and Waste Planning, BWP
Location: Boston
Program Supervisor: John Fischer
Contact Number: 617-292-5632
Email Address:

Description of MassDEP Project:

· Recycling and Composting Reporting: Receive, enter and QA?QC annual reports from recycling processors and compost site reports, conduct analysis to calculate statewide recycling and composting totals.

· Organics Infrastructure and Policy Development: Work with MassDEP’s Organics Subcommittee and other stakeholders to develop policy and programs to build infrastructure for handling organic materials, including developing a waste ban on commercial and institutional food waste.

Description of Internship Duties:

Recycling and Composting Reporting
Assist with entry, review, and QA/QC of 2011 reports from recycling and composting facilities, follow-up on missing reports, and conduct analysis to prepare statewide recycling and composting total

Organics Infrastructure and Policy Development Assist with planning stakeholder meetings and preparing materials to support development of organic materials infrastructure and policy development

Description of Knowledge and Skills needed:

· Excellent oral and written communication skills
· Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word, and preferably Access as well
· Interest in recycling and solid waste management issues
· This position may require some in-state travel

Why Internship Program is important for us:

Determining statewide recycling and composting progress for 2011 is an important supporting component of MassDEP’s Solid Waste Master Plan and helps us to evaluate progress and continue to assess priorities.

Increasing food waste diversion is a Commissioner level priority at MassDEP and an important component of MassDEP’s Clean Energy Results Program.

Proposed Duration:

January – May 2012