Jan 30: Tufts CSA General Interest Meeting/Sign-ups

Are you interested in affordable, fresh picked local produce delivered to you on campus?

You are in luck! Tufts is hosting a pilot Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program during the Spring semester. If you’re interested, come to our general interest meeting on Monday, January 30th at 9pm in Eaton 209

What’s a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This means that you buy a share in a farm at the beginning of a season (in our case, the beginning of a semester) and you get produce delivered to you here.  When you sign up for a farm share with Enterprise Farm, you will receive an individually packed box of fresh produce, delivered directly to Tufts for pickup every Tuesday from February to April (no shares on March 20 during spring break)

Prices and Details

You choose what size works for you! Shares cost as little as $24/week.

Small (good for 1-2 people): $264 ($24/week)*

Medium (good for 2-3 people): $341 ($31/week)*

Large (good for 4 or more people): $462 ($42/week)

You will be signing up for the entire spring semester. When you look at these numbers, think about your weekly grocery bill and what you won’t have to buy at the store. For more information on how much food this is, visit the Enterprise website.

How do I take advantage of this incredible opportunity?
If you are ready to sign up now, fill out this spreadsheet and you will be contacted with further information about payment and registration. This form is only for people who are committed to purchasing a share. The deadline to sign up is Friday, February 3rd. And deliveries begin on February 7th. However, if you don’t make it to the deadline, there is a pro-rated structure that allows you to join the CSA in the succeeding weeks.

Sign up here: TUFTS CSA

Questions? Email tcs.tuftsculinarysociety@gmail.com


  1. I am interested in buying a Small share – $228. Thank you!

  2. Hello Emily,

    Thanks for signing up! You are all set. Just make sure you send a payment (partial or full) so your share can start next week.

    The price of a small share is actually $288 or $24/week, not $228 ($22/week). We apologize for the error – there was a typo in Enterprise’s original email. They are also updating their website to reflect the correct prices.


  3. I think $288 is incorrect, their website says $264 for the small share for tufts. I made a payment of $88 (1/3 of $$264) which they accepted, I think you are adding an extra week with the $288 price.

  4. Frances is absolutely right. The CSA runs for 11 weeks (not 12) and that was the source of confusion. The prices still work out to $24 (small, good for 1-2 people), $31 (medium, 2-3 people) and $42 (large, 4 or more people) per week.

    Don’t hesitate to sign up even though the program has already started. The pro-rated price is on the Enterprise website.

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