When: April 20-21, 2012

Where: Fletcher School, Tufts University, Medford, MA

What is TEC?

Beginning from two small panel sessions in 2006, the Tufts Energy Conference has grown to become one of the largest entirely student-run conferences in New England. Lead by a seasoned team of conference planners and a support network of many esteemed advisers, the conference attracts leading minds in the energy industry and interested students to discuss applications of innovative ideas and solutions the most pertinent energy challenges of today. Past themes have examined commercializing new technologies, the effort of modernizing the grid, and the impact of a growing solar power presence in the energy industry.

Theme: Transforming the Global Energy Debate: From Challenges to Solutions

Today, more than ever, we face unprecedented global energy challenges. We find ourselves in a state of continued economic uncertainty confronted with the challenges of meeting growing energy demand, the increasing threat of irreversible climate change, providing a secure, safe and affordable energy supply, bringing access to energy to billions and sustaining our environment. How do we successfully tackle these challenges and transition to a sustainable, low-carbon energy future? The Tufts Energy Conference (TEC) 2012 will move beyond debating these known energy issues and focus on solutions.

We will discuss pivotal questions such as: What role will fossil fuels play as part of a diverse and secure low-carbon energy mix? What policies and regulatory measures can be employed for upgrading the safety and security of existing and planned nuclear facilities? How do developing countries plan to meet growing energy demand while at the same time alleviating poverty, sustaining the environment and addressing climate change? In the U.S., how should the role of the government and the private sector evolve to close the financing gap for renewable energy? What are the new management approaches being developed to address the trade-offs between water consumption and energy production?

TEC 2012 will bring together policymakers, scholars, business leaders, professionals and students to exchange ideas on the most promising solutions to our most pressing energy challenges.

Registration begins March 1st. Check out tuftsenergyconference.com for more information.