Reporting to the Director of Recycling, the organics planning assistant’s duties and responsibilities include:

identify and evaluate existing and planned organics processing facilities within the City of Cambridge’s proximity requirements; determine what organic materials each facility above accepts and how (food scraps only, yard waste, mixed or separate), facility capacity and tipping fees; analyze operational issues, economics and GHG emissions of various collection options; itemize costs for all collection options and other issues related to each collection option, such as collection method, union contract, additional fuel/maintenance, vehicles or retrofits needed, existing contracts, expansion of yard waste collection to year-round services, etc.; determine cost per ton for the composting options and compare to the cost per ton that the City pays for MSW disposal; evaluate and develop recommendations for size/type of curbside and kitchen containers, and compostable liner bags to be used for single family homes and multi-family buildings; collect and review educational materials from model programs in CA, WA, MN, CO, Canada and Europe and document the most useful information for the proposed pilot; identify a neighborhood within one collection route that would be appropriate for the pilot, such as collection efficiency, density, diversity of building types, volume and yard waste generated’ consider options and determine eligibility for households in the target area; develop criteria for making the decision to implement the pilot, Phase 2; summarize and present findings from the above research in a report at the end of Phase 1.

To Apply: Submit 2 copies of both your resume and letter of interest via email to: or to Personnel Dept, Room 309, City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139. Fax 617-349-4312. Review of resumes will begin 2/29.