From climate change to a growing energy demand in developing countries, there is no doubt we face major energy and environmental challenges in the coming future. For those who want to explore these issues without ever leaving the Medford campus, consider attending the 2012 Tufts Energy Conference (TEC). From two small panel sessions back in 2006, TEC has grown to become one of the largest, entirely student-run conferences in New England. Led by a seasoned team of conference planners and a support network of many esteemed advisers, the conference attracts leading minds in the energy industry and interested students to discuss applications of innovative ideas to the most pertinent energy challenges of today.

TEC 2012 will be held on April 20-21 this year with the theme “Transforming the Global Energy Debate: From Challenges to Solutions.” The conference has also launched its second annual Tufts Energy Competition, a celebration of innovative student-driven solutions to energy challenges. Winners of the competition will receive up to $3,000 to implement their proposal. If you haven’t had a chance to read through the competition guidelines, move fast! The due date for proposals is March 1st.
Outside of Tufts, there are several competitions that offer more than monetary prizes. Students submitted videos for America’s Next Eco Star and online voting is open to pick the person who will win an all-expenses paid trip to Austria and a fellowship in Washington DC. Last August, Julie Paul, a Tufts graduate student in chemical engineering, was one of 20 rising energy leaders invited to attend Focus the Nation’s annual, week-long “Recharge!” Retreat on Mt. Hood in Oregon. She called it “a great opportunity to see nature and connect with people who care about clean energy”.
We will continue to post more contests on our blog as we hear of them. In the meantime, good luck and have fun with the contests!
-Nick Lusardo
Communications Intern
Office of Sustainability