Now that we are well into the spring semester, it’s time for another Eco-Reps update. The Eco-Reps program, which previously only served undergraduate dorms, has now expanded to Blakeley Hall! Chris Ndung’u, a Fletcher student, is Blakeley’s new Eco-Rep. He hopes his new role will help the dorm, which houses many international students, learn about ways to be green at Tufts. He’s off to a great start with programs like composting, a weekly newsletter, and a bi-weekly “Eco Moment” discussion group.

As part of Tufts’ Dorm Recycling Contest, the Eco-Reps each organized a “waste sort” for their dorms. They hunted through the trash to see if there were any recyclable or compostable materials, and were surprised to find that many recyclable materials are still being thrown away! The Reps hope that this activity will draw attention to the fact that the dorms can still make progress in their recycling habits. If they do, they have a chance to win the dorm recycling competition, which runs until April 30. (Tufts is also using the dorm recycling results to compete nationally in RecycleMania – see below for Week 3 results.)

The Eco-Reps are hard at work with planning for other dorm events, including a spring Zero-Waste Challenge. So stay tuned and stay green!

-Nick Lusardo
Communications Intern, Office of Sustainability