Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group) has an immediate opening for an experienced consultant with expertise in conducting economic impact and benefit-cost analysis for energy programs, policies and projects.

The position involves working as a Project Manager and member of the leadership group for research and consulting in the application of economic impact analysis methods for energy efficiency, renewable power and other energy infrastructure programs, projects and policies. Candidate must have training and experience in both energy programs and local/regional economic analysis, including familiarity with economic impact and cost-benefit analysis.

The work will involve assisting in development and application of project impact and benefit/cost tools, as well as working with agencies and consulting firms in the application of those tools for program evaluation and project planning. Besides technical analysis, it will also involve significant roles in project management, client services, and business development.  This work may also encompass analysis of other infrastructure and public services (including water/sewer, education and tranportation).  It will involve ongoing collaboration with other consulting partners in research efforts, and presentation of research findings to clients and professional organizations.

There are four specific requirements:

1. Education — a Masters Degree or equivalent in economics, urban/regional planning or public policy;

2. Work Experience — at least four years of work in an energy agency, organization or consulting firm focusing on program operation, facility or infrastructure project planning and economic evaluation; this experience must include project management, business development, technical analysis and consultant/client interaction;

3. Technical Knowledge — Familiarity with (and experience applying) methods for program evaluation and economic (impact and benefit/cost) analysis methods; Experience with use of statistic analysis, and economic base analysis is also desired;

4. Communications — Excellent English speaking and report writing skills, plus an ability to communicate effectively with clients and others in a research team;

To apply, please send your resume, along with a cover letter that clarifies (1) your personal goals and interests, (2) your skills and qualifications for this job, and (3) your availability for working full time at our headquarters in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. If you are not a US citizen, then please describe the status of any work permit or visa to permit you to work in the US.

You may send it via e-mail to , via fax to 1-617-338-1174, or via regular mail to: Economic Development Research Group, 2 Oliver St, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02109