MASSCreative is a new organization formed to be the advocacy voice of the arts and cultural community. Same old organizing work, but this time with artist and cultural institutions. Great community which is making some real social change on the individual level with great arts education programs and on the macro level as a key economic tool to revitalize cities — i.e. Pittsfield, Lowell, New Bedford. Tasks include: evaluation of state’s Cultural Facility Fund – state grant program that funds rehab, maintenance or new building for cultural facilities. Our arts initiative is proposing making one year of high school arts education a requirement for admission to state university system. We need to produce a report to defend our initiative. The need, how it has worked in other states, why this proposal will work. Municipal campaigns to fund the arts. We are developing a “how-to” manual for local folks on how to approach their local government and advocate for local investment. Need to produce a guide to help local folks on how to go to Finance Committee and Town meeting, develop their narrative, organize their community, etc. Contact: Matt Wilson, Executive Director, Phone:617-350-7610 , Email: