Internship available working with Cape Cod Commission and Scott Horsley assisting in the development of a database for on-site septic systems on Cape Cod. Cape Cod Commission is beginning the development of a 208 wastewater plan for Cape Cod. The majority of residents on the Cape will remain on these on-site septic’s indefinitely. Innovative and alternative technologies are needed to treat nitrogen at these homes. The first step is to develop a database of existing septic systems. This will be accomplished by working with the 15 towns including boards of health and the county health department. The internship will begin this summer and can be extended into the fall semester. It can be full time during the summer months and part time in the fall. The project could also lead into a practicum associated with WSSS that will be developed during the fall semester. Moderate compensation in the neighborhood of $10-$15 per hour is available for the internship.

Contact: Scott Horsley