DC Central Kitchen seeks a Procurement & Sustanability Manager to join our dynamic team and support our mission of using food as a tool to strengthen bodies, empower minds, and build communities. The Procurement Manager will work to ensure that all goods, both purchased and donated, support and enhance DC Central Kitchen’s mission. In this role, the Procurement manager will work to develop strategic plans and partnership for sourcing necessary food products across DCCK programs. In addition, the Procurement manager will ensure the seamless functioning and operations of the procurement department.


The Procurement Manager will meet regularly with kitchen and program staff to ensure effective use of purchase and donated supplies. He/She will be an active part of budget, menu and strategy development. Setting goals for the procurement of local and non-local, purchased and/or donated products. This person will work with management and partners to create an annual procurement budget and ensure that budgets are realistic and monitored. The primary function of this position will build a strong and  fluid system that will streamline procurement operations, food cost, and serve the larger mission of the organization. This person will be responsible for maintaining relationships as commercial vendors, local farmers, donors as well as developing new partnerships as needed. This position will create and maintain standard operating procedures for purchasing and allocating product. Finally, he/she will be responsible for  any reporting necessary for grants,donor, media,and/or promotional materials related to procurement.


  • Responsible for supervisory duties of the procurement coordinator.
  • Supervise procurement of food and non-food items across programs.
  • Collaborate with the Transportation Manager or other assigned transportation staff to ensure the seamless pickup and delivery of procured product.
  • Strategically expand donor network and increase overall donations to DCCK fulfilling current and projected needs.
  • Work with accounting to ensure accuracy of invoicing and follow through as needed with collection
  • Design and oversee appropriate methods for tracking and data collection
  • Participate in the annual budget process and monitoring
  • Build and strengthen partnerships with local growers and processors
  • Maintain ongoing analysis of DCCK’s current accounts and procurement methods
  • Manage current vendor accounts and relationships with sales representatives
  • Work  closely with vendor accounts and relationships with sales representatives
  • Develop innovative methods for low-cost and bulk buying opportunities
  • Work to reduce overall food cost percentage across all programs
  • Reach out to, and field inquiries from, perspective new vendors
  • Create standard operating procedures for product requisition and allocation
  • Maintain streamline procurement across departments in order to effectively harness DCCK buying power
  • Prepare detailed monthly reports identifying trends in food cost and product volume
  • Collaborate with staff on menu planning activities


  • Proficient in the use of  Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, POS Software.
  • Strong writing and oral presentation skills.
  • Desire to be part of a large nonprofit whose mission is to “combat hunger and create opportunity”.
  • Strong customer service skills (Personable, able to comfortably and pleasantly deal with a variety of people)
  • Bachelor degree required and/or 3-4 years of comparable work experience in a similar position.(Proof of highest degree earned will be required upon hire)
  • Two (2) years of   work experience in procurement
  • Demonstrated success with food purchasing, cost control and inventory management
  • Desire to train, mentor and develop young professionals entering into the field
  • Ability to make critical decisions while adhering to company goals
  • Comfortable with public speaking engagements
  • Must be an organized individual that follows a systematic method of performing tasks
  • Ability to stay flexible and keep a sense of humor while working well in a fast-paced environment
  • Must have Valid Driver’s License and a good driving record.This position requires a high level of professional integrity with a strong ability to communicate with fellow peers, community partners as well as clients.

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