Research Assistant – Tufts Feinstein Center (Medford, MA)

The Feinstein International Center is looking to hire a research assistant during the months of July -September of 2013 in order to create a program that automatically downloads and processes rainfall, NDVI, and other climate variables for the Dar Sila region of Chad as part of a research project on early warning. The climate data represents a first step of analyzing potential drought and flooding in the area. The program has to be completely automated and incredibly simple to use. The program has to produce two outputs (at least initially): 1) a map showing the research area and how rainfall deviates from a twelve year average for that location and time of year and 2) a table that provides the amount of rainfall for that month (for the location as a whole and for specific villages in the region) and how it deviates from a twelve year average for that location and time of year.

Required Skills: ArcGIS, python scripting, strong cartography skills. Preferred Skills: Statistical analysis, proficiency in STATA.

Please contact Anastasia Marshak directly with your CV at

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