C2C Fellows is a national network for undergraduates and recent graduates aspiring to sustainability leadership in politics and business.

C2C Fellows comes to Boston, California, New York, Florida, and Illinois this year!

Apply today and download the C2C Fellows workshop agenda on our workshops page! 

C2C stands for Campus to Congress, to Capitol, to City Hall, and also for Campus to Corporation. C2C stands for young people gaining control of their future. C2C Fellows is the power network for young people with the wisdom, ambition, talent, and grace to change the future.

C2C Fellows supports students to envision a path to early leadership and to develop their skills. We challenge young people to consider: What skills and experiences are needed to become people of power, people with the ability to affect the future, within five to ten years? We support C2C Fellows to gain these skills. The US Constitution empowers citizens at age 25 to become members of Congress. Yet few young people even imagine pursuing this opportunity. More students have been inspired by young business entrepreneurs. Yet few develop the leadership skills needed to launch a green business.
C2C Fellows engages 300 students each year in intensive, weekend leadership trainings. These regional workshops cover communication, entrepreneurship, environmental and climate science, media, raising capital, and other critical topics. Upon graduation from the workshops, students join the C2C Fellows Network. The network, based at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, provides C2C Fellows with an ongoing community: updates, web-based events, career counseling, a social network of like-minded leaders, and ongoing educational opportunities. C2C Fellows are eligible to apply to become C2C Scholars—funded graduate school students in our M.S. in climate science and policy, in Bard’s M.B.A. in Sustainability; or the dual degree program M.S./M.B.A. They are also eligible to apply for two competitive $1000 scholarships for second-stage training – one to Starting Bloc, and one to Wellstone Action.