Summer Ecosystem Experiences fellowship for undergraduates (various locations)

India | Western Ghats *New Field Site* India is globally recognized as a megadiverse country, containing 70% of the world’s biodiversity. Embark on a journey to explore India’s ecology in the Western Ghats, a unique biologically rich ecosystem home to many of the world’s plants and animals.Brazil| The Atlantic Forest & Serra do Mar State Park The Atlantic Forest is one of the most endangered regions in the world. You will work and live in some of the largest remaining tracts of this diverse forest. Tropical flora and fauna abound here, including several endangered primates. Jordan| Amman, Aqaba, Dana, and Ajloun You will embark in the exploration and appreciation of Jordan’s ecology through coursework and field research. This location is ideal for biodiversity studies, as a wide variety of flora and fauna are found in Jordan’s wetland, marine, freshwater, desert, and forest ecosystems. Rolling Admissions.  Our next application review date is NOVEMBER 1, 2013.

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