Are you interested in spending your Spring Break in New York City – working with the most exciting organizations and meeting leaders in the environmental field? We are launching a new Eco Practicum program in New York City this Spring.

Eco Practicum offers intensive environmental education and action programs for college students and recent graduates. The programs consist of hands-on farm work, meetings with experts in many environmental fields, and thoughtful discussions facilitated by skilled democratic educators. Eco Practicum challenges emerging leaders to consider multiple sides of complex issues, while helping them gain practical skills and connect with leading-edge organizations. Eco Practicum NYC takes place during Spring Break (March 9-15; 15-22) and explores the unique ecological infrastructure of New York City focusing on food, energy, and resource management. Eco Practicum Catskills (May 25 – June 22) is our summer program that delves into the intricate socio-environmental issues affecting the bioregion. This program is comprised of four units, each covering a different topic: food, animals, energy, and land-use. Students can take part in one, two, three, or all four of these week-long units.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and must be received by February 1st for Eco Practicum NYC and April 1st for Eco Practicum Catskills. Students can apply online and learn more about the programs here.