Medford Sustainability Intern

*Position open to undergraduate and graduate students

The Energy and Environment Office (E&E) is responsible for overseeing and implementing environmentally sound programs in the City of Medford. In cooperation with other departments and organizations, the E&E office works to improve energy efficiency, air quality, climate change protection, wetlands protection, open space conservation, and storm water management.

The City of Medford has a long list of firsts and initiatives in energy and environment activities starting with the first municipal Climate Action Plan (PDF) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Its most prominent “first” is the first municipal scale wind turbine in the Commonwealth. The Office works closely with residents, the Medford Energy Committee, Walk Medford, the Medford Community Garden Commission, Medford Complete Streets Project and the Medford Conversations Project, among others.

The E &E Office is located in Medford City Hall and has a great deal of interaction with other City Offices and Medford residents.  The atmosphere is fast-paced and interrupt driven, an ability to focus and manage priorities is very important.

Typical Hours:

  • City Hall hours are: Mon, Tues, Thurs 8:3-4:30, Wed 8:30-7:30, Fri 8:30-12:30
  • It is anticipated the fellow will work primarily during City Hall hours, but may be invited to attend evening meetings.

Fellowship description:

The Office of Energy & Environment has a large number of rotating projects and programs in the sustainability field covering everything from construction to community outreach and education. During the summer of 2017 it is anticipated that the two most prominent community-based programs will be working on Medford’s Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan and working with the Medford Conversations Project. We anticipate having a stormwater construction project, a dog park construction project and solar panel installation occurring during the summer months.

The Office currently has graduate students from Tufts & MIT working on our Climate Vulnerability Assessment, with their availability wrapping up in May. It is anticipated that the Tufts Fellow will continue work on this project, picking up where these students leave off. While the exact role and activities will depend on the state of the project at the end of the spring, activities will likely include working with community outreach and engagement.

The Medford Conversations Project is currently planning a winter series entitled “Who Belongs? Dialogues on Race and Diversity in Medford and Beyond.” During the summer months we hope to be engaged in developing our next conversations series, potentially with a sustainability topic and the Tisch Fellow would be an active part of this process.

Due to the wide range of sustainability activities the Office works on, there are many activities and projects available to move forward during the summer months and we try to match intern/fellow interests with potential projects. It is the goal of the office to have 2-3 students working with us during the summer.

Work Environment:

The Medford Energy & Environment Office is an open layout space with 2 full-time staff and space for 3 additional interns and volunteers to work. We share responsibility for answering the phone and assisting residents and developers that come to the office. In addition to the Director, there is an Associate Environmental Agent who handles most environmental requests and staffs the Medford Zoning Board of Appeals.  Fellows may help with routine work of sending out mailings & filing in addition to managing your own projects. We work extensively with other Medford offices, Commissions and community groups.

Occasional opportunities for field trips to environmental projects within the City of Medford and to meetings outside of City Hall.

Specific Skills Required:

  • Must be a self-starter, able to organize ones own work and priorities, pay attention to details and the ability to speak with residents and work with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Must be able to handle an active, interrupt-driven workplace.


Language Skills Required:

  • Must be able to communicate well in written and spoken English, other languages a bonus.

Skills and Experience the Fellow Will Gain:

  • In depth exposure to environmental & political issues
  • Exposure to the complexities of working within a government office
  • Ability to take the lead on a local sustainability project and gain leadership experience
  • Students are invited to attend meetings of interest with the Director.  These can include: the Tisch Community Research Center Board meetings, meetings convened by the EPA including the Mystic River Watershed Steering Committee, projects with the Mystic River Watershed Association, meetings with the Mayor and various state agencies, construction site visits throughout the community that are under the oversight of the Conservation Commission.


Alicia Hunt, the Director of E&E, reports directly to the Mayor of Medford and coordinates all environmental and sustainability activities for the City of Medford.

If interested, contact