Happy 2018! Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe you’re trying to eat healthier, more organic or local food. Signing up for a local CSA is a great way to help you achieve that resolution, by signing up each week you’ll receive fresh and local fruits and veggies! Tufts partners with World PEAS to deliver farm shares right on campus, find out more information here! Or maybe for your resolution you want to get into better shape? Instead of driving where you need to go, try walking, running, or biking wherever possible! Not only will you be exercising more, but you will also be saving CO2 from entering the atmosphere and saving money that you would have spent on gas. Taking public transportation  and carpooling to get to your destination are other great ways to go further distances and cut down on your carbon emissions.

Another great resolution you may have is to use less disposable plastic this year. There are some easy ways to reduce your plastic consumption. One of the most convenient is to bring reusable bags with you everywhere you go. Another great way to cut down on your waste is to shop in bulk and bring your own containers. And a cool, newer option for online shopping is to opt for hassle free packaging when you check out.

Perhaps you have already incorporated these tips into your daily life. You avoid driving and single-use plastic,  and support local and sustainable farming through your eating habits. So how can you use your New Year’s Resolution to create more of an impact?

You’re in luck! This year, 2018,  is an election year, you can use your vote to elect representatives that align with your views on the environment. Organizations like the Environmental Voter Project help to inform the public about environmental issues and organize to “Get Out the Vote” before elections.Voters in every state can look up their registration status, elected officials, and polling place. Locate your MA polling place on the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts site. If you’re registered to vote outside of Massachusetts organizations like Headcount can help you find out how and where to vote. Our democracy is strengthened when more people turn out to vote, especially during mid-term elections. America has one of the lowest voter turnout rates among developed nations. This new year, you can strengthen our democracy and make your voice heard by voting!

Do you want to give back to your local community this year? Volunteering with organizations that share your values is a great way to increase your civic engagement. Find a list of national environmental organizations with local chapters all across the country here. Read more tips from the EPA about how to get more involved with local environmental organizations.

The Office of Sustainability wishes you a happy 2018! We can’t wait to collaborate more with you all to make 2018 a more sustainable year full of civic-engagement and community building!