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Zero Waste President’s Lunch at the SMFA

staff posing with sandwich bagsFriday was a busy day at the SMFA, with the last day of review boards, the annual Sidewalk Sale, and the President’s lunch. Every year, the Tufts community celebrates the end of a busy school year at each campus. Tufts Catering provided a delicious picnic lunch, including berries, pound cake, and chocolate sauce for dessert. Darin Weiss with place settingAnthony Monaco joined staff and students for the zero-waste event, where only recyclable and compostable plates, napkins, utensils, and cups are offered to keep material out of the landfill. Although recycling and composting eliminate waste, reusable options are even better! student with place settingAt this first ever President’s lunch held at SMFA, fifteen people brought their own place settings. Those who arrived with plate, cup, and utensils in hand won a Tufts Sustainability sandwich bag and a chance to win a lunch box. Sporks, Tupperwares, and cloth napkins are convenient to bring to work and school and using them is an easy way to reduce waste. staff with place settingWe hope to see everyone at next year’s picnic!


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Summer Sustainability On-The-Go

It’s the last day of classes, which means summer is around the corner. It is a time for traveling, whether you’re going home or you’re off to somewhere new. To make your trip more sustainable, be conscious about planning before you leave.

  1. Packing: Bring reusable utensils, tupperware, water bottles, shopping bags. Our sustainable packing video has great tips and tricks to make packing for break easy and sustainable!
  2. Moving Out: The items you do not wish to bring home with you do not necessarily belong in the landfill. Donate or recycle clothes, books, plastic bags, electronics and more at our Move Out stations. Find more information on our website. 
  3. Leaving: Unplug all electronics, close all windows, turn down the heat, and eat or pack your perishable foods.
  4. Travelling: Take public transportation like busses and trains, carpool, and avoid flying less than 500 miles, and buy a carbon offset if you can.

500 miles radius from Tufts.

5. Enjoy: Feast on locally sourced dishes and treat your destination with respect.

Volunteer, Tufts Food Rescue (Medford/Somerville)

Volunteer, Tufts Food Rescue (Medford/Somerville)

The Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative (TFRC) is looking for reliable individuals to create a core volunteer team to run the weekly shifts in Dewick and Carmichael Dining Hall kitchens, packaging healthy meals and bagging extra food donations, one to two times per week. Food rescue serves to combat two major issues within the food system: an abundance of wasted food, and hunger & food security. Please submit the application  by 14 May, at midnight, and contact with any questions!

Application Deadline: May 14
Apply Online  



Various positions, Food For All (Boston/New York)

Various positions, Food For All (Boston/New York)


Our mission is to make quality food affordable to all while stopping perfectly good and delicious meals from being wasted.

Food for All is an app that allows you to get great unsold food from restaurants and cafes right before they close, for at least 50% off! This is how it works:

1. Choose: find delicious unsold meals from restaurants, cafés, and delis close to you.

2. Place an order: purchase your favorites for a great price (and a great cause!) through the app

3. Pick Up: go get your meals during the restarant’s closing hours, at the specified pickup time. Enjoy!

A simple way to save money, food, and the environment, all together!


Application Deadline: See link above
Apply Online 

Get Packing!

Move out is around the corner! Packing up everything in your room might seem overwhelming. But Tufts’ Move Out stations, located Uphill and Downhill starting May 5th, make it easy to divert waste from the landfill when you move out of your residence hall. You can even win prizes just for donating!

The UPS Store can help you store or ship anything you will need for next year. They will even have your boxes waiting for you in your room, if you are living on-campus next fall.

Many other items- from clothing, to school supplies, home goods,  non-perishable food items, and unopened personal care items-can be donated to EASEProject SoupBook it Forward, and the Back-to-School Sale in the fall. You can also recycle plastic, glass, and metal;  Specialty Recycling (TextilesE-waste & Universal Waste, plastic bags and soft plastics, and Dining hall flatware). You can even compost at our stations.

Find all Move Out information at!

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