The 2Seeds Network is an incorporated non-profit which serves as an umbrella organization incubating small, efficient, and effective agricultural development projects in Africa. 2Seeds focuses on selecting, training, and mentoring bright and passionate graduates at the beginning of their careers to work with our African partners. In a joint effort, our teams address the issue of food and income security by training rural farmers in agricultural best practices. At every step, 2Seeds encourages our project leaders to embrace independent decision making, enforce financial accountability, and humbly seek a deep and sincere partnership with the local African community.

Got what it takes? The 2Seeds Network is looking for Tufts students who aren’t afraid to take risks, who are driven to make a difference, humble and resilient in the face of great challenge, and have the compassion to form deep cross-cultural relationships. Think you have what it takes to lead a project in Tanzania? Come to the 2Seeds information session on Thursday, February 23rd at 5:30pm in the Mayer Campus Center’s Large Conference Room, to meet 2Seeds Co-founder and Director Sam Bonsey and learn more about this unique leadership opportunity.

For more information about the 2Seeds organization, see the website here.