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May 5: Climate Impacts Day, 350.org

It’s time to Connect the Dots between climate change and extreme weather.

Protest, educate, document and volunteer along with thousands of people around the world to support the communities on the front lines of the climate crisis. Start an event here!

Record-breaking heat waves in Russia, wildfires in Australia, floods in Thailand. Every time we pick up the newspaper and read about another record-breaking natural disaster, it becomes increasingly clear that climate change is not a future problem — it’s happening right now.

Connect the Dots is a project of 350.org and its partner organizations, to shine a spotlight on the connections between extreme weather and climate change. They will use those connections to issue a wake-up call for our communities, the media, and our politicians.

They’ll kick off the project with Climate Impacts Day on 5/5/12, when thousands of communities around the world come together to take action to Connect the Dots and call for urgent action to stop the climate crisis.

Who: You, your neighbors, family, friends, and the rest of climate movement.

What: Actions – rallies, presentations, art projects, and more – that help your community connect the dots between extreme weather and climate change.

Where: All over the world.

When: May 5, 2012 (and beyond)

Why: Because climate change is not a future problem. It is happening right now, and it is devastating communities around the world. The world needs a wake-up call, and there’s no time to lose.

New Hampshire Field Organizer, 2012 Climate Leadership Project

2012 will be a critical year for influencing the national discussion on climate change and energy. The Tar Sands Action, Moving Planet, and the growing #occupy movement have built a wave of public engagement on corporate money in politics—and energy and climate are at the center of that fight. From Keystone XL to fossil fuel extraction, utility fights and embattled EPA pollution regulations, advocates have the opportunity to take a bold stance, demanding that leaders at all levels of government step up to the plate and side with people over polluters.

350.org is taking a national leadership role in putting climate and energy at the center of the political debate in 2012 through grassroots organizing, mobilizing, and visibility actions in key states throughout the US. Concurrently, we will help build, train and resource an insurgent grassroots army of climate and energy volunteer leaders, helping to make the growing climate movement a powerful, sustained political constituency.

* Research, develop, and implement a plan to grow the climate movement in New Hampshire and increase its visibility from now through July 15, 2012.
* Develop teams of climate activists and organizers throughout the state.
* Organize regular grassroots bird-dogging, public education, accountability and media events on climate and clean energy.
* Develop a team of activists interested in scaling up efforts to hold politicians and polluters accountable for dirty campaign contributions, pollution, and corruption.
* Organize at least one NH grassroots leadership workshop with 15-30 volunteer leaders.
* Work closely with Better Future Project and other state partners to ensure buy-in and coordination for visibility events.
* Communicate regularly with 350.org central staff, and drafting brief weekly reports outlining that week’s activities.
* Liaise and support other progressive grassroots movements, and represent 350.org in partner and coalition work with them.

* 1-5 years of experience in grassroots organizing or political campaigns, paid or unpaid.
* Commitment to and passion for the 350.org mission of building a movement to stop the climate crisis.
* Familiarity with New Hampshire culture and politics.
* Passionate about holding our elected leaders accountable.
* Interested in pursuing creative new ways to build a movement and scale up volunteer led activism.
* Self-starter with the passion, creativity, and drive to make things happen.

This is a 6-month contract position with the possibility to extend depending on performance. Salary is commensurate with experience.

350.org is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people and those with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply: Please send cover letter and resume as soon as possible to  vanessa@betterfutureproject.org

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