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Earth Week Scavenger Hunt


Take part in our Earth Week scavenger hunt and YOU could win cool prizes!

Rules: Take pictures of the following items and post them on the Office of Sustainability Facebook and Twitter pages. The top photo-getters will receive fun prizes! For a list to take around with you, use our printable Earth Week Scavenger Hunt!

Send us a picture of…

  • your reusable water bottle
  • the front of Tufts Institute of the Environment or the Office of Sustainability
  • you with President Monaco doing something sustainable together
  • “Choose to Reuse” sticker
  • compost
  • a bike
  • a meatless meal
  • bike generator (in the lobby of TIE/OOS)
  • Terracycle (try Tower Café or the Lobby of OOS)
  • an Eco-Rep
  • a CFL or LED lightbulb
  • you on the T or MBTA Bus
  • one of the 4 Zip Cars on campus
  • wildlife (bonus points if it’s not a tree, flower, or squirrel)
  • you turning off the lights or your power strip
  • Recycling!
  • Tina Woolston, Director of the Office of Sustainability
  • a Professor teaching an environmental class
  • an Eco-Tour sign
  • Eco-Labels
  • TSC Meeting or Branch Meeting

We will be handing out Choose to Reuse stickers to ALL participants, whether or not you win, at our table at Earth Fest. We look forward to seeing you there!


Eco-Rep Update

Anyone pumped about the environment, which ought be everyone, should apply to be an Eco-Rep for the Fall of 2013!  We are looking for a diverse group of people looking to make an positive impact on the environment!  Do it now! 

Get excited!  Recyclemania is coming to a close with only a week left for all the dorm to step up the recycling!  Make sure to check out the website if you are not sure what is and is not recyclable, or, ask any Eco-Rep!  Go green and help support Tufts in the national competition!

A call for old cloths: do you have cloths that you don’t wear any more?  Do you have no more space in your closet?  It’s about time to let go of your old cloths by donating it to the Eco-Reps for the upcoming clothing swap!  There are boxes in each dorm for cloths (but no shoes) so make sure to get some Spring cleaning done and stick some of your old cloths in the labelled boxes!

This week at our meeting the Eco-Reps learned about environmentally friendly ways to get around.  Too often we rely on our personal cars to take us places.  We found that in reality, public transportation tends to be cheaper, stress free, and easier.  The T is always a reliable way to get around the Boston area, and buses are very dependable too!  There are a lot of helpful applications for your phone to track buses and the T.  We came to the conclusion that buses are a great way to get around: bus drivers are great, they are cheaper than the T, and you can even hitch your bike to the front of the bus( just don’t forget to take it down when you get off!).  Getting a ZipCar and carpooling is also often very cost effective and convenient.  If you are a Tufts student, there are special rate!  Check out the website to learn more and to see how to register.  But, let’s not forget the lovely Tufts Bikes group on campus that allows us to borrow bikes from Tisch library for up to 8 hours!

Fun fact: L.A. could have potentially been the most eco-friendly county.  But, because of the political and economic power of big oil companies, much of the plans to implement awesome public transportation was not made possible.  It was quite surprising to many of us how great energy-efficient technology has been developed in the past, but has been destroyed or overlooked because of the multi-billion dollar industry that capitalized on oil and fossil fuels.

Earth Day is coming up so get excited for dorm and school-wide events!  There are going to be flyers and posters all around campus, but if you want to get more details RA’s and Eco-Reps are always happy to tell you all about the exiting upcoming events!

Apr 22: Picnic for the Planet, The Nature Conservancy in Boston

Apr 21: 13th Annual Earth Day Charles River Cleanup

Want to make a difference in your community? Join us Saturday April 21st for the annual Charles River Cleanup! Last year, over 3,000 volunteers worked to remove 50 tons of trash along the 80 mile stretch of the Charles River from Boston to Bellingham! Please join us to pick up trash and improve the appearance of the Charles and surrounding open spaces! We provide clean-up supplies, snacks, and a free T-shirt for volunteers. Please bring your own reusable water bottle.

Sign up online or  call 781-788-0007 x 303. For more information about the cleaup please visit

Starts: 4/21/2012 9:00 AM

Ends: 4/21/2012 12:00 PM

Location(s): Boston


Contact information: 781-788-0007 x303

Cost: Free

Attachments: 2012_Flier.pdf



Apr 20: Earth Day on the Greenway

Celebrate Earth Day with all of Boston!

Friday, April 20, 2012, 11am – 1pm

Location Dewey Square Park (Summer St & Pearl St)
Summary Celebrate Earth Day while learning about sustainability and organic practices through free, fun, family activities in Dewey Square Park.

Join the Greenway Conservancy staff, YouthBuild Boston, North Bennett Street School and the EPA as we showcase the new Dewey Demonstration Gardens. In addition to learning about raised beds, rain gardens and composting, you can visit with representatives from Boston Natural Areas Network, WalkBoston, the Boston Tree Party and our own Green and Grow program. We’ll have interactive music making with the Ecology of Sound, face painting, games for kids and adults alike and great food from our resident food trucks. There’s also a rumor that the EPA volunteer band, the Hazardous Constituents, might make an appearance!

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