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Assistant Director – General, Forestry Department, Field and Agriculture Organization (Rome)

The Forestry Department (FO) aspires to be a global centre of excellence in providing policy relevant information and analysis in support of the achievement of FAO’s goals of ending hunger and rural poverty, while making agriculture and food systems inclusive and sustainable and rural livelihoods resilient. The Department promotes FAO mission in forestry, ensuring the technical quality and service in the pursuit of the Organization’s five strategic objectives, and to enhance human well-being supporting member countries in the sustainable management of the world’s trees and forests, considering other land uses (soil, water, biodiversity conservation) and climate change. The Department ensures an effective balance among the social, environmental, and economic aspects of forests and their governance at all levels.
As part of the senior Management team, the ADG ensures coherence and quality of FAO policies, messages and work on Forestry across the Organization, as well as, consistency with corporate goals and programs. He/she sets an example for a positive, innovative and productive work culture within the Department and the Organization. The ADG serves on corporate teams to advance the Organization’s objectives and facilitates strategic partnerships with external stakeholders.
Application Deadline: November 9, 2015
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Forestry Officer (Rome, Italy)

Organizational Setting

The Forest Assessment, Management and Conservation Division provides services to member countries on matters relating to the
forest assessment, development, management, conservation, restoration and protection of forests, trees, water, mountains,
biodiversity, wildlife and related natural resources as well as for providing a neutral forum for the discussion of such topics. Other
topics of interest for the Division are agroforestry, urban forestry, and forests and climate change, including Reducing Emissions from
Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+).

This position is located in the Forest Assessment, Management and Conservation Division (FOM) in the Forestry Department.

Reporting Lines

The Forestry Officer reports to the Senior Forestry Officer/Team Leader, Forest Resources Management Team

Technical Focus

Planning, developing, implementing and technically supporting programmes and activities in the field of conservation and sustainable
management of wildlife, and protected area management.

Key Results

Comprehensive technical and policy expertise to support the planning, development and implementation of Departmental/Division
programmes, projects, products and services in accordance with Departmental/Division objectives and FAO Strategic Objectives

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